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ACAB is not just cops, it’s also your boss, your landlord, your nosey neighbour, the ticket inspector on the tram, the shopping trolley that demands a gold coin to unlock,

it is unexpectedly delightful that the virt-manager gui can manage a remote machine simply over ssh

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@hailey getting people to count cars is so important in fixing the car brain. Cars take up so much space that there always feels like there are more of them. Eg. That cat park looks full and well used. But the bicycle parking looks like barely anybody is even using it.

Cars creeping around, air conditioning fans roaring, looking for anywhere to park on this vast expanse of dead bitumen that radiates the same heat that makes it so uncomfortable to be here.

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There are 14 parked bikes at the Barkly Square racks, and 11 parked cars in this entire row of parking spots next to it.

EVs won’t save us - they’ll just make the problem worse.

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"There are girls with dicks, boys with vaginas & transphobes without teeth"

Seen in Seattle

I took this quick selfie while out for a ride the other day, and I’m really really happy with how I look in it??? :’)

This bike path is a “strategic cycling corridor”, but that’s no match for the mighty car brain 🙃

“Excuse me, do you work here?” - ancient boomer proverb

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@hailey and if it’s anything other than actual iCloud, you can look forward to a lousy user experience of syncing the content. Google photos for iOS has to be left open with the screen on while it syncs, probably due to permissions issues, a.k.a. anti-competitive gimmickry.

Technology is frustrating.

I know how cheap flash storage is. I want to make this problem go away by just putting a bigger stick in my phone, but I’m tied into iOS and Apple’s offerings are both anemic and outrageously overpriced.

So now I have to spend time juggling my personal data or spend time carefully considering the tradeoffs involved in using something like iCloud Photos, and I just can’t be bothered doing either of those things, not least at this time of year.

I'm getting a noticeable amount of strange activity and spam across a couple instances from, blackholed


I made tempeh fried chicken for lunch as a little NYD treat!

The tempeh was steamed and then marinaded in a soy sauce and rice wine vinegar mix, then coated in a flour and almond milk batter with a touch of vinegar and a tonne of random spices from my cupboard including garlic, paprika, celery salt, five spice, and pepper.

I just eyeballed everything rather than following a recipe and it turned out fkn awesome. Super juicy and so delicious that I didn’t even need to salt them after frying!

They should run cables across between the second storeys of buildings along Sydney Rd and use it to train a huge thing of wisteria covering the entire street. It'd only take a few years to grow to provide beautiful leafy shade coverage in summer, be lush as fuck in spring when it flowers, AND it would be cheap as fuck to do.

I added a Mastodon provider to oauth2-proxy!

It should be perfect for adding access control to your little masty instance's internal dashboards and stuff! :)

CodeClimate is actually a great name/metaphor for the tool because everyone wants to ignore those warnings and just get on with what they were doing anyway

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In response to inquiries from community members, we firmly state that cops are not welcome on Aus.Social.

We have built a space where socially marginalised peoples feel included, respected and safe. We do not extend that respect to people who work within State systems that racially profile, discriminate, and cause actual harm to people.

We support prison abolitionists and justice activism for deaths in custody.

If you work in law enforcement, please find another server or better yet, find a real job.

- Mods

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non australians should know that almost every piece of soft plastic in this stupid country says “this packaging is 100% recyclable!” alongside the logo for redcycle; a now-defunct startup that it turned out was just putting it all in a big warehouse and hoping for the best

Todays shout out goes to the guy at Carwyn Cellars in Thornbury absolutely dissecting Ned Kelly as a reactionary hero after a few pints

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