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Haha! No way, it actually does look like the twitter meltdown and the resulting fediverse migration has actually caused a uptick in *.social domains being owned (by presumably instances)

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One of my trees leafed up beautifully just a few months ago and has since stone-cold dropped them all 😭

Maybe it’s this fucked weather? I hope she’s gonna be ok

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Definitive guide to the OSI model 

Layer 1: Physical layer (hardware)
Layer 2: Data layer (MAC)
Layer 3: Network layer (IP addresses)
Layer 4: Transport Layer (TCP)
Layer 5: Session Layer (?)
Layer 6: Presentation Layer (???)
Layer 7: Application layer (Chrome)
Layer 8: User
Layer 9: Vibes

postgres logs/panics are now rust logs/panics :)

even RUST_BACKTRACE=1 Just Works :) :)

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Next I think I'm going to gut the error handling stuff and route it through rust logs and panics instead :)

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It errors on bootstrap... but it gets pretty far through (initializes transaction contexts and everything!) and shuts down using Postgres' actual error handling machinery!

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Introducing the first alpha release of Mastodon 3.11 for Workgroups!

Available for Windows 95 :BlobhajShock:

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Understanding #Mastodon gets easier once you get the basic idea that federation between servers can be understood as homeomorphisms across hyperplanes between the Riemannian manifolds of toots, whereas the servers represent countable finite sets of discrete entities.

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I did some more work on #DOStodon, the #Mastodon client for #MSDOS.

I added a splash screen, a busy indicator for network access, you can scroll the entries now, there is a profile viewer and you can like and boost.
Image attachments are now displayed, too.

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For all of the people who will be sad when Twitter goes away but don't wanna use mastodon fret not. There is this thing called "graffiti" that's kinda like posting

Oh yes. I have built postgres server as a static library with no .data* or .bss sections, just .tdata and .tbss :)

* there are some symbols but they are for read only data anyway so they don't count

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@hailey @CoNoNick Be aware that DoT estimate of 2500 #cycling trips daily is an underestimate. Merribek council did a 24 hour bike count on 5 Feb 2019 and found the daily count at Park street at well over 7200 cyclists spread evenly between use of #SydneyRoad and #UpfieldBikePath.
That is likely mostly the commuter traffic. There are many short cycling trips to do shopping, visit cafes to Sydney Road shopping strip, yet cars are allocated most of the space to be the longest shopping strip linear car park in the southern hemisphere.
#cyclingcities #Melbourne

settle down mate, you don't know who you're talking to. i'm actually a big guy in a podcast discord

made a weird brekky thing: fried eggy coconut rice with peanuts and my leftover rendang + pickled ginger and fresh parsley from the garden

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To all mastodon admins:

Hi! I’m Evan Phoenix, the primary author of puma, the ruby webserver that powers mastodon!

Please reply or DM me if you need tuning help! I’ve got no officiation with the mastodon, just want to see you succeed!

(Quick Tip: set WEB_CONCURRENCY to core count * 1.5 and then tune MAX_THREADS. High thread values will see diminishing returns!)

I’m thinking about trees here. every single time they remove some old trees they’re like, come on, it’s only a few trees, won’t hurt. and every single time again it takes a massive effort from the community to maybe have a chance of being heard when what you’re saying is like, hey come on guys, don’t tear down our habitat. and if it wasn’t for that massive effort every single time there just wouldn’t be trees

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