Venturing out into pollen hell to buy more spray. I’ve had like 5 of the 180mg telfasts and they have not done a thing for me

it's rational to price gouge on something that people have to buy no matter what. economists call it inelastic demand. normal people call it fucking cooked

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type of guy who thinks markets are good and price gouging is bad

getting fucking murdered by hayfever today

I forgot how good being cooked in the sun is

Here is an email I once sent to my realo telling them to fuck off.

If you’re having realo trouble let me know. I will help you tell them to fuck off.

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for folks who don't know, google specifically has like, the Most Advanced C++ Bug Catching/Mitigation Tools, to the point that they *took over the development of clang*

just using rust instead, even with 'unsafe' parts, completely blew all of that out of the water! holy shit!

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obsessed with this article by the Android team. just looking at the graphs it's like "rust go up, exploits go down"

also holy shit Android has a lot of rust code now

@chendo ah I just got some random stuff. Hardwood and semi hardwood it says. Will see how it goes 🤷‍♀️

@rstacruz mostly I am trying to find proper places for all that stuff because my desk always experiences a gravitational pull towards shit show

Popping down the street to buy some rooting hormones and no folks I’m not talkin about estrogen

@ZeroEcks @oxyhyxo i love how 1password is electron and electron has broken clipboard support under wayland, so my options for my password manager on my laptop are: blurry shit and copy-paste, or crisp and beautiful but no copy-paste

@ZeroEcks @oxyhyxo haven't tried but tbh don't reckon it should be hard

@oxyhyxo my framework laptop is hidpi and is beautiful! also I've noticed that macOS scaling options are pretty limited compared to wayland's scale factor. I run 1.0 on my desktop and 1.4 on my laptop. 1.4 is not very pixel aligned but the pixel density is high enough that in practice it looks fine

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