Here is an email I once sent to my realo telling them to fuck off.

If you’re having realo trouble let me know. I will help you tell them to fuck off.

Cleaned and tidied my desk and replaced my old floor stands with some fancy new Iso Acoustics monitor stands :)

reorganised the home DC (moved it from spaghetti on the floor behind my desk to the cupboard)

also is it just me or does VS Code's extension search just, not work

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Girls love to listen to their little radios in the bush

i’ve gone holiday mode. i’m leisure pilled. i’m a relax maxxer

I just wanna download some drivers man.

capitalist computing is so fucking annoying

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there's crap in here that even their other crap says is crap

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every time i boot up my windows vm i'm staggered by how much fuckin' crap there is in here.

why does the god damn settings app have a rewards link, what the hell is going on, how does anyone put up with this

One of its threads seems to do nothing but spin on nanosleep and a futex, periodically rechecking its own pid

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Some friends of mine mentioned that running Tailscale on their phones kills their battery life. I don't use Tailscale on my phone, but I do on my desktop, so I thought I'd try instrumenting it!

Now I'm just me, but ~200 syscalls per second to route two packets total over the instrumentation period seems... suboptimal

postgres logs/panics are now rust logs/panics :)

even RUST_BACKTRACE=1 Just Works :) :)

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It errors on bootstrap... but it gets pretty far through (initializes transaction contexts and everything!) and shuts down using Postgres' actual error handling machinery!

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