Made a USB-C to 12v barrel jack cable with a lil PD trigger board I got for a couple bucks off eBay!!

Works great with the 30,000 mAh (150 Wh) USB battery I also got off eBay for like 45 bucks. I love how the cheapest available batteries of this capacity class are just consumer USB batteries

Can’t wait til this catches on and every profile edit page has a reminder that people want me dead

Coward shit from GitHub

thought hmm ok, guess I'll just downgrade signal for now until a new release comes along.

not so fast, it seems

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damn, latest signal update is all kinds of broken

Swapped in a new CPU cooler to replace the super revvy and noisy stock one. So much better already, my computer is basically silent now. Legit such a quality of life improvement

laterposting but I’m still so tickled about last weekend’s fit

I just noticed that the bottom borders of mastodon's search box and home tab header are misaligned by 1px

And now you know too

nerds: What would cause dconf and gsettings to disagree on the value of a setting?

Here I'm setting the text-scaling-factor in /etc separately to the rest of my settings so that I can sync my user db between machines. I've run `dconf update` already

It appears to happen whenever I unplug the Traktor controller, whether Traktor is running or not, lol

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This is definitely one of Melbourne’s wildest bike path sceneries

What level carbrain is it drive your BMW SUV on the bike path?

I replaced my passive unbalanced->balanced transformers (second pic) with an active DRV134 board I got from eBay. It sounds much worse than the transformers though, which have their own frequency response issues, bummer :\

There are 14 parked bikes at the Barkly Square racks, and 11 parked cars in this entire row of parking spots next to it.

EVs won’t save us - they’ll just make the problem worse.

I took this quick selfie while out for a ride the other day, and I’m really really happy with how I look in it??? :’)

This bike path is a “strategic cycling corridor”, but that’s no match for the mighty car brain 🙃

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