I am absolutely loving having a laser printer at home now. It's so good. I'm printing so much stuff and it's genuinely good for my brain and personal organisation

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computers and digital information systems once had so much promise

but then we fucked it 🙃

@hailey when I move (and no longer have office works within 300m), I am definitely going to end up buying a laser

@benschwarz @hailey my Brother laser has been going for a dozen years now. Gets used a couple times a year and works great every time. Saved me so much procrastination

@dgoodlad @benschwarz @hailey Every couple of months, I pull the wifi one off the shelf in the office, plug it in, print a few things, and put it back. I love it! Now I only have to go to Officeworks to buy ink for the damn thing.

@lachlanhardy @dgoodlad @benschwarz @hailey So good with kids too. Print off random colouring in stuff all the time.

@maxwheeler @lachlanhardy @dgoodlad @hailey good to know we’re all

*checks notes*

Internet people that are

fans of printers?? 😜

@benschwarz @lachlanhardy @dgoodlad @hailey OTOH my MIL has some insane massive colour printer that is impossible to use and costs about $20 a print.

@dgoodlad @hailey ya I had one too and loved it. I’d get another one as long as it does AirPrint so I can easily print from iPhone/iPad physical paper is so good!! Makes it so much easier for my ADHD brain to focus 😊 For similar reasons I lose it almost immediately though lol I use a now which is almost as good but I can't lose it as easily. Still wish I could do the physical paper thing tho lol

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