Can’t wait til this catches on and every profile edit page has a reminder that people want me dead

Coward shit from GitHub

@hailey warning people "hey, publicizing that you're trans could get you arrested in some parts of the world" reads as an attempt at harm reduction to me, though I struggle to imagine there's a single trans person who is unaware of that fact.

@knack @hailey Trust me, literally everyone who uses pronouns other than the ones they were assigned at birth know FAR more about the social and legal risks of being themselves than cis people ever will.

@JessTheUnstill @hailey well aware of that, I just have a bad habit of being excessively charitable regarding intentions online & a very good idea how well-meaning but clueless folk try to 'help'.

@hailey anyone who thinks big tech is progressive should be reeducated

@hailey im actually thinking so much about this... like why not just not display pronouns in places that its illegal 🙃

@ZeroEcks @hailey Does the website need to know my pronouns, and does the website need to tell everyone?

@lamp @hailey Muslim countries primarily, but some asian too if I recall correctly. Probably had some people with online profile used as court evidence. Hot take but... since when are pronouns assigned at birth? Like I know sex and gender are, but I don't remember pronouns being written on the birth certificate.
Yes, I understand this is a nitpick but I wanted to say this.

@hailey i mean

what's github supposed to do? given the circumstances, i think it's reasonable for them to have this warning

@hailey trying to have it both ways and cover their asses, like usual 🙄🤡

This is beyond stupid tho. They don’t collect your assigned sex at birth, so how would they even know when to display it or not? Total pandering to the ‘anti-woke’ crowd while trying to act supportive.

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