people on hacker news are arguing about x11 vs wayland, sysv init vs systemd, and I'm getting sucked riiiight in

one poster is claiming that sysv init was 100% reliable and I'm like bro did we even use the same linux

Yeah man I’m just gonna read a number from this pid file I got here and fling a signal at it. Totally legit. Can’t go wrong. No I didn’t check how old the pid file is, what do you mean


At an old job we once had a serious outage because mysqld ended up with the same pid as what was in some stale pid file on disk. All that old sysv shit was so creaky and only ever worked by accident. To claim it was ever more reliable than what we have now is to take a very rose-tinted view of history.

@hailey honest to god dont understand the complaints about systemd

@ZeroEcks @hailey as far as I've seen its 99% personality conflict with its creator. And the remainder is obscure edge cases

@ZeroEcks greybeards pulling up the ladder coz they feel threatened by the obsolescence of their decades of obscure knowledge about doing things the hard way

@ZeroEcks the complaints don’t hold up because they’re proxies for the fading of old rituals as we go through a generational passing of the torch

@hailey I literally told this story to someone last week. So good.

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