Just had to reboot (at the wall) my apple usbc power brick

Love software

@hailey I’ve had to reboot USB cables before and it made me question some life choices

@hailey did you see that USB-IF are adding certificate / auth to USB-C so chargers will soon be doing x509 fun!

@hailey I assume to allow having different trust for different vendors or to just drop devices that are known bad. I didn't really look into it much but it might not apply to charges and PD all that much but I can certainly see it being useful for iommu stuff

@xssfox hmm I don't deny it sounds _useful_, but the consequences seem cursed enough to make me feel like it's not worth it

@hailey Integrating USB power supplies into power outlets is becoming a common thing now. How long before one of those has a bug and you have to flip a circuit breaker to reset it.

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