I’ve horseshoe theoried my coffee habit, starting out as a full time moccona drinker, taking a brief diversion into caring about good beans and grinding them fresh, to now where I’m like: there’s a bit of yesterdays coffee still in the pot, I’m just gonna microwave that

@hailey when you need pre-coffee to be able to make coffee… everything is fair!

@hailey my mom microwaves the fanciest brussels-based coffee i send them if she doesn’t finish her cup in the morning 😂 honestly, i tried the microwaved coffee and it was fine, so... any means necessary 😂

@fox @hailey I put my chemex leftovers in the fridge and microwave em the next day.. good enough usually!

@hailey before 9 I don’t really care where the coffee comes from. We’ve been microwaving yesterdays brew for quite some time in the morning. Serves the purpose.

@hailey ain't nobody gonna come into my home to criticize my habits of everything between slow chemexing fresh beans mistoboxed from around the country, to drinking cold dregs with grounds and licking anything that looks like coffee residue before 8am

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