Calling up the ADHD clinic like “Hi just returning your call… yep six months ago that’s right”

@hailey the one I went to here is comically/expectedly prepared for this. Like "Here, here's a bunch of homework for intake" and then they follow up a bunch as well as not bat a single eye at anyone taking forever to respond.

I felt like it's the _one_ place you can count on them understanding why it took six months to call back.

They know their people well. 🥰

(also this reminds me I forgot to take my medication today, thanks!)

@hailey I cancelled an appointment in June. It's now *checks calendar* January, and I'm on my last box of ritalin. I should call up that clinic xD

@hailey I need to do that with the GIC. I'm only a year late (although my excuse is I was getting my ADHD diagnosis sorted first)

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