friendship ended with K&H Hot Bread, Dat Thanh is my new fav banh mi

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@fox @hailey you people are so lucky. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a decent banh mi in the US?

@johncarneyau @hailey I couldn’t live without a good banh mi, it’s an essential food

@johncarneyau @fox @hailey I basically only had them on holidays back to Australia while living in NYC.

@fox @hailey tbh I like ca com but Phuoc Thanh is the go to

@hailey @quail @fox Ca Com is great and I love Phuoc Thanh, but in the West we’re hitting Nhu Lan or To’s. There might still be a Nhu Lan on Victoria Street in Richmond.

@quail Oh, no! I loved living within a few blocks of that stretch of Victoria. So many great options!

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