everyone shut the fuck up

I just installed Windows while keeping my existing Linux install intact and both OSes boot without drama!!

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@hailey hate to be the one to break it to you, but any minute now you will wake up.

@hailey That’s more than I ever managed! Well done you.

@hailey You installed windows *after* linux and it didn't clobber the MBR?

@hailey Used to use this, unfortunately on a laptop traveling between timezones. Getting Linux and Windows to agree on what time it is was the thing that always bothered me as there is no 'clean' solution to the problem. Linux assumes the RTC is on UTC and Windows assumes it is local time. Add to this timezone changes and the chaos is complete. One reason why I was happy in the end to have to buy a Mac for iOS devpt. Hope you don't have that problem.

@AlexVoss there’s a registry setting that makes windows use UTC for the RTC

@hailey Oh, I did not find this, wish I had. Actually, this might still be useful for me if I can find a 2.5" ssd somewhere in a bin to put Linux on. Is this the setting you are using?

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