What level carbrain is it drive your BMW SUV on the bike path?

@hailey at a guess, somewhere between “I followed the TomTom GPS that hasn’t been updated since 2009” and “this thing can park anywhere!”

@hailey A classic move, you can't break the road rules if you're not on the road! 🙃

@hailey @stufromoz I swear I have seen pictures of that very path with cars on it before.

@hailey wow I thought that was just a USA USA problem

@hailey i think that's a legal requirement for driving a BMW SUV these days. 🤔

@hailey the current attitude to car access is that if they can physically get it there, they will.

It depresses me that we need physical access barriers against a tiny selfish minority, but it turns out we do.

@hailey Santa Cruz has a bike lane separated by a rubber curb by the boardwalk. I watched someone once park their car on it and walk away, with me and a few other confused cyclists right in front of them

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