every time i boot up my windows vm i'm staggered by how much fuckin' crap there is in here.

why does the god damn settings app have a rewards link, what the hell is going on, how does anyone put up with this

I seem to discover more, exciting, different crap each and every time!

there's crap in here that even their other crap says is crap

to top it all off, my PC usually runs silently but when the windows VM is open, even shunted off into another workspace, my CPU fan is constantly whirring up and being really loud for a bit

I just wanna download some drivers man.

capitalist computing is so fucking annoying


I do really like linux in and of itself, but also lets be real, if you don't wanna fork out for apple hardware it's the only good option there is

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@hailey it sucks because parts of the msft stack are pretty impressive (hyper-v, backward compatibility, wsl, x86 to arm translation, powershell). i want to like it, but the hostility towards users looking to clean up the UI and unnecessary software (like nerfing group policy even on Pro??), is deeply off putting :/

@hailey working in the public sector means you almost always have to use windows, and on the literal worst hardware possible, I don't know how any of them stand it

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