Some friends of mine mentioned that running Tailscale on their phones kills their battery life. I don't use Tailscale on my phone, but I do on my desktop, so I thought I'd try instrumenting it!

Now I'm just me, but ~200 syscalls per second to route two packets total over the instrumentation period seems... suboptimal

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One of its threads seems to do nothing but spin on nanosleep and a futex, periodically rechecking its own pid

@hailey I am a bit skeptical of tailscale, do you use it for anything in particular?

@ZeroEcks i'm kicking the tyres to try decoupling my personal network from the actual physical wires and radio waves, which has the benefit of letting my laptop talk to my NAS like its on the same LAN no matter what, but ehhh I'm unimpressed by the implementation

@hailey Yeah the iOS client seems to burn down my battery real fast :( So I mostly use it to connect to a service to check a thing, then forget to turn it off and a few hours later to “wait how am I down to 20% battery again, it’s not even dinner time”

@foophoof they mention in this blog the iOS client is also written in golang, so it's probably got similar problems to the desktop client

@hailey Yeah, they have made some improvements to it that have helped a bit but it’s still pretty bad

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