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Wrote a silly little article that appears to be about Scotland and Australia but the cunning observer will notice it is about TERFs. lockwood.dev/feminism/2023/01/

Would be grouse if the next thing the Linux community tackles (after doing x11 -> wayland, pulseaudio -> pipewire, shell script rats nest -> systemd) is replacing CUPS with something designed for the 21st century.

Something with first class support for dynamic, adhoc printing. I don't want to have to install a driver package and add a new static printer configuration just to print something off at a cafe or coworking space I'm dropping in at.

Just had to reboot (at the wall) my apple usbc power brick

Love software

This is definitely one of Melbourne’s wildest bike path sceneries

I’ve horseshoe theoried my coffee habit, starting out as a full time moccona drinker, taking a brief diversion into caring about good beans and grinding them fresh, to now where I’m like: there’s a bit of yesterdays coffee still in the pot, I’m just gonna microwave that

Calling up the ADHD clinic like “Hi just returning your call… yep six months ago that’s right”

Loved this vintage streamliner cab ride video, driving from rural NSW through to Melbourne freight yards. Stunningly high definition video and audio


friendship ended with K&H Hot Bread, Dat Thanh is my new fav banh mi

I have in general had a much smoother experience running arch linux on this laptop than I have with windows so far 😂

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Windows on Framework laptop problem: it seems like two and three finger clicks (right and middle click respectively) don't seem to register some of the time?

I can reliably right and middle click when I enable tap-to-click, but I'm clumsy and tap-to-click means I end up sending a bunch of accidental clicks through.

Anyone seen this issue before?

everyone shut the fuck up

I just installed Windows while keeping my existing Linux install intact and both OSes boot without drama!!

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it's 2002, im shitting bricks cos im about to pitch 'cat who likes to fuck' as a character in the sequel to our hugely successful movie 'shrek',

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i put up a shelf above my bed. i thought i could put plänt there, and maybe store some things. it may end up remaining empty however, as i’ve discovered that waking up and seeing this first thing is good for my mental health

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I’d been hearing about the coal-mine protests in Germany, but this photo by Sean Gallup is the first that gave me a real sense of the titanic size of the thing and what’s being protested. Just… unreal.

What level carbrain is it drive your BMW SUV on the bike path?

I just don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a DI box from a pro audio shop lol

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I replaced my passive unbalanced->balanced transformers (second pic) with an active DRV134 board I got from eBay. It sounds much worse than the transformers though, which have their own frequency response issues, bummer :\

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