Venturing out into pollen hell to buy more spray. I’ve had like 5 of the 180mg telfasts and they have not done a thing for me

it's rational to price gouge on something that people have to buy no matter what. economists call it inelastic demand. normal people call it fucking cooked

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type of guy who thinks markets are good and price gouging is bad

getting fucking murdered by hayfever today

I forgot how good being cooked in the sun is

Here is an email I once sent to my realo telling them to fuck off.

If you’re having realo trouble let me know. I will help you tell them to fuck off.

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for folks who don't know, google specifically has like, the Most Advanced C++ Bug Catching/Mitigation Tools, to the point that they *took over the development of clang*

just using rust instead, even with 'unsafe' parts, completely blew all of that out of the water! holy shit!

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obsessed with this article by the Android team. just looking at the graphs it's like "rust go up, exploits go down"

also holy shit Android has a lot of rust code now

Popping down the street to buy some rooting hormones and no folks I’m not talkin about estrogen

I was excited about finally being able to use my standing desk as a standing desk (never could when I had the speakers on floor stands before), but I've just realised I need a longer displayport cable whoops

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Cleaned and tidied my desk and replaced my old floor stands with some fancy new Iso Acoustics monitor stands :)

reorganised the home DC (moved it from spaghetti on the floor behind my desk to the cupboard)

when I click the helpful little popup telling me the extension marketplace has extensions that can help with .toml files it shows me a todo list extension, a GLSL linter, the command language syntax for OpenVMS, but nothing to do with toml

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also is it just me or does VS Code's extension search just, not work

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so much so that it makes me want to change editors, but VS Code feels too slow and doesn't support wayland, and I'm not sure what else there is that's good

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i hate having to care about tabs/spaces so i'm a spaces user, but sublime's lack of support for anything but global indentation settings and broken auto-detection really crunches my nuts when i have to touch tab projects

I think caddy is the closest to what I want but its CGI support is not built-in by default which is a little annoying

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Has anyone written something inetd-like but that does mutual TLS (and exposes peer cert info in env vars)?

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I’m sure FTX will be the last of its kind. Glad everyone had a chance to learn this painful lesson. Grateful that we are beyond the era of young dudes with Stanford pedigrees and VC backing telling us how to organize society around their interests. Now to take a big drink of Liquid Death canned water.

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